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Expert Session

Dr.Sharada – Professor of Oklahoma State University, USA interacts with students of Sangam University, Bhilwara.

08 Feb. 2017, SU Bhilwara: Prof. (Dr.) Ramesh Sharda, Vice-Dean-Watson Business School, Oklahoma State University, USA delivered a talk on “Management discipline and preparing for corporate - a student perspective” to the students of MBA and BBA programme.

He emphasized how soft-skill plays an important role while working in any corporate house. He gave an example how a technical fellow while delivering a session in a technical-training programme gets a job offer from PWC. The said fellow was technically very sound but his recruiter PWC was impressed by his demeanor. This eventually leads him to get a job in PWC.

He further talked how students should practice for “one slide presentation for three minutes”. Students would be asked to give a presentation on a particular topic for three minutes but using only one slide of the ppt. This kind of practices would help students to become better presenter and speaker.

He advised students to be good in working with excel because this would help them to understand data analysis easily. He encouraged students to become entrepreneur. He discussed certain philosophy of life and profession. And finally he interacted with students and answered their queries.