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Seminars & Workshops School of Engineering & Technology

Shree Electricals Ltd, Bhilwara

B.Tech III Year Electrical students visited to Shree Electrical Ltd, Bhilwara. They were guided by one of the representatives of a company who explained what type of items are required to make a transformer, the transformer testing, the machinery used to make the transformer and the total man power utilization in the industrial processes and he finally added that this exposure would bring a change in the attitude as the approach would be from class room to the research field. “This industrial visit was the real time experience to us. We leant there how the transformers are being tested and manufactured”. -[Nikhil Sharma, B.Tech III year]

Visit @ Sangam Process

B.Tech I Year students visited Sangam Process in the month of October, 2016. Students were given exposure of Processing of Fabric. They also got knowledge about effluent treatment of waste water. “This visit gave us the brief idea about the manufacturing processes in plant like Spinning, Weaving, Finishing and Packing process. It was enriching experience for us. [Mobin Ansari, B.Tech I Year]

Visit @ Thermal power Plant

To know the working of Thermal Power Plant B.Tech students visited Sangam Thermal. Students were given deep insight of the Maintenance of Boiler Feed Water Pump which is heart of any thermal power plant. They also studied about performance characteristics of FD and ID fan. Mr. Pratap, Joint president explained the start up process for the boiler and utilities was also discussed.

“The visit was very fruitful we observed energy conversion stages used in power plant .We collected various information regarding waste water treatment and boilers. Many of our doubts were cleared by the discussion with experts of the plant.”

Sangam Spinners India Ltd, BhilwaraNovember ,2016

Industrial visit was carried out at Sangam Spinners India Ltd, Bhilwara on 23rd November, 2016 for B. Tech III Year EE student and Diploma final year. The main objective behind the visit was to make students aware about how various activities related to manufacturing, production and marketing are carried out in company. As soon as we reached company we were guided by Mr. S.K. Jain and he gave the orientation of company. After introduction students were divided in four groups of 15 and were headed by one of the managers of the company who helped them to understand how production is carried out in company and how company reaches their customer.

“This was a great learning experience for us and we understood the manufacturing, marketing, and production of a company.”[Vinay Rohiwal, B.Tech II Year]

Project Management Practices with Agile CDAC November ,2016

One day Workshop was organized by C-DAC on 12th Nov.2016 for B.Tech.[CS] MCA and BCA students. The session was taken by Dr. Manoj Gupta, Center Coordinator, C-DAC ATC NETCOM branch Jaipur. This workshop aimed to give students a general view on supercomputers, project management practices with agile and related technology. The topics which were covered during workshop: How to manage tasks and time for activities, Methods of accomplishments of the Projects, Learning of tools and techniques to handle the small to big tasks and projects, Time & Resource management methodologies, Agile methods to handle changeable requirements

Python workshop

School of Engineering organized a five days workshop in collaboration with IOT technology, Bhilwara. The session was taken by Mr. Anuj Agrawal CEO of IOT Technology. This workshop aimed to give students a general view on Internet on Things, its future scope and job opportunities in the relevant field. The session was meant for, B.Tech.[CS] MCA and BCA students.

“Great learning experience and we got an opportunity to understand How Internet of Things (IOT) is changing everything around us”.[Khusbu Nyati, BCA, Final Year]

Electric Bike developed by B.Tech Students

Sangam ITM Bhilwara B. Tech ME Students 2012 - 2016 Batch graduating students designed and developed an electric bike as a part of their final year project. The bike was prepared by team of seven students namely: Ajay Panwar, Sanjay Soni , Gulam Moinuudin, Chaitanya Saraswat, Shubham Jian, Irfan Khan and Akshay Verma. A project they had been working on for the past four months finally proved to be a success. It is an electric bike that could run at very nominal cost of 0.21 Rs/Km. The bike could run 160 km per battery charge with maximum speed of 70 km per hour. They have also provided the facility of reverse switch for especially able candidates. Additional wheel can be added to for physically challenged persons. The students are working for commercial launch of the bike with required modification on the battery aspects.

“We have developed a fuel efficient electric bike after four month of continuous hard work. We are working to improve the mileage of the bike.” [Akshay Verma, B.Tech ME]

Workshop on Bootstrap LoaderNovember 2015

Leading software company iBirds Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Ajmer organized “Bootstrap Loader” workshop on 28 Nov., 2015 aims to provide hands-on experience on which is used to burn the firmware to the microcontroller without any programmer device and jumped to the desired program from there it takes care of execution.

"This workshop has given hands on experience in building up critical applications using advanced embedded microcontrollers "- Chinal Jain, BCA II Year

Shree Electricals, BhilwaraNovember 2015

Students of B.Tech. III year EE and EC visited Shree Electricals a leading transformer manufacturing and assembling company of Bhilwara on 30th Nov 2015.

“We have great hands on experience on assembling and testing of small size transformer” - Akshit Patel, B.Tech III year

Workshop on Operating System InstallationOctomber 2015

“Operating System Installation (windows/ Linux)” was organized in the first week of Oct 2015 by Computer Science Department, aims to build up a solid understanding of installation of various operating systems. Furthermore students learnt to build a complete Linux system from basic installation to more advanced topics including web services, mail services, and other network services.

“It was very useful workshop; we learnt to evaluate the OS and its security measurement by reviewing, auditing, reporting and recommending proper security controls.” - Akhil Mandiya, MCA III Year

A Workshop on Java ProgrammingJune 2015

Ten days workshop was organized from 1 to 10 June, 2015 for B.Tech III year students. Its main objective was to teach the basic concepts and techniques which form the object oriented programming paradigm using JAVA. “Through this workshop we learnt how to test, document and prepare a professional looking package for each business project using java doc”. - Kirti Agarwal, B.Tech (CS) III Year.

iBirds Software Services Pvt. Ltd., AjmerJune 2015

Sangam University organizes industrial visits for enhancing the student’s knowledge in practical prospects. To observe industrial environment our MCA Students visited iBirds Software Services Pvt. Ltd. at Ajmer on 02 June 2015. and learnt cloud based applications including Salesforce.com platform.

“The visit gave idea about Software Development, Latest Web Technologies, Web Spacing, Wireless & Wired Networking, Network Setup etc.” - Jyoti Jain, MCA III Year

Workshop on PLC/SCADAJune 2015

Sangam University has organized one month Industrial Automation Certified PLC/SCADA course in the month of June 2015 for third year electrical engineering students. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a digital computer used for automation of industrial processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines. SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. The term SCADA usually refers to centralized systems which monitor and control entire sites, or complexes of systems spread out over large areas (anything between an industrial plant and a country). As a PLC SCADA engineer, you are going to monitor the servers and software that allow for communication with the field equipments. SCADA is even used in hospitals for researching obscure disease and for correlating data.

Workshop on PCB DesignNovember 2014

Sangam University conducted two days workshop on "PCB Design" for Diploma and B.Tech students of all branches on 21 and 22 Nov., 2014. The main aim of this workshop was to provide exposure in real time PCB fabrication.

“Through this workshop, we have got practical experience of PCB fabrication of a sample circuit”
Ajay Jajoo B.Tech, I year

Cyber SecurityJuly 2014

Sangam University Bhilwara Rajasthan - Two week ISTE Workshop on Cyber Security under the National Mission on Education through ICT MHRD Govt. of India from 10th July to 20th July, 2014 conducted by IIT Bombay Prof. Bernard L. Menezes who is the author of the book titled “Network Security and Cryptography”. A complimentary copy of book was also given to each of the participants.

Computer ProgrammingJune 2014

This workshop trained the teachers for adopting the use of MOOCs in general, and empowered them to use the blended model in particular; it has been decided to run some of the T10KT workshops, partially using the MOOCs approach.

“This workshop provided us training to make extensive use of Technology in teaching pedagogy
Vikas Somani, Head, MCA

Computer NetworkingJune 2014

Workshop was organized from 16 june to 21 june, 2014. This workshop aimed at improving the teaching skills of faculty in core engineering. To train teachers for adopting the use of moocs in general, and to empower them to use the blended model in particular, it has been decided to run some of the T10KT workshops, partially using the moocs approach.

Fluid MechanicsMay 2014

Workshop was organized from 20 May to 30 May, 2014. In this intensive course the professors of IIT Kharagpur covered various topics related to fluid statics, fluid kinematics, Reynolds transport theorem, Stokes law of viscosity and Navier, Internal flows, and External flows.

“This workshop trained us to prepare Bernoulli's equation and its applications”.
Dheeraj Jain, Head Electronics Engineering Dept.

Two weeks ISTE workshops

  • 21-31 May 2013:Database Management Systems workshop
  • 04-14 June 2013:Analog electronics workshop
  • 26th Nov. to 6th Dec. 2013: Engineering Mechanics workshop held under the National Mission on Education through ICT
  • 2nd Jan 2014 to 12th Jan 2014: Signal & Systems workshop held under the National Mission on Education through ICT.
  • 23-24 Feb and 2-3 Mar: A workshop on Aakash Android Application Programming

Sangam is a remote centre for conducting iste workshops under national mission on education through information and communication technology (nmeict) under mhrd govt. Of india in alliance with various IIT’s.

BSE awareness workshop:August 2013

Sangam University joined hands with PHD chamber of commerce and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) for conducting a workshop. Mr. Harbinder Singh Sokhi expert from BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) conducted the session which was enthusiastically attended by the faculty members and students of Sangam University. The session started with the history and evolution of BSE, various investment avenues including the stock options, money market and capital market, the role of department of investor services, do's and don'ts of primary and secondary markets procedures for dealing with brokers and sub brokers, mutual funds, risk management, equity saving schemes for tax saving benefits, and steps involved for becoming a capital market investor, role of sebi etc.

MSME workshopAugust 2013

Mr. K.C. Bhukesh, Assistant Director and Consultant Mr. R.S. Shekhawat from MSME jaipur visited Sangam University and conducted an interactive session highlighting the needsa for the Entrepreneurial culture among youth including the importance of MSME in the economy of India and basis for classification of enterprises under micro small and medium enterprises as well as the various incentives available for setting up MSME.