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About Cultural Club

Cultural Club (Samvardhan) is formed to promote cultural awareness among young generation. This club is a student body which is responsible for all the cultural events in the Institute around the year. This club enhances the skills of dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, play, mimicry and Nukkad Natak. This Club not only helps students to reduce the stress of academics as well as it help student to provide a platform where they can explore their inner potentials.


  • To organize various cultural activities according to academic calendar.
  • To inculcate the sense of belongingness, Team work & coordination.


  • Organized dance & Rock-band competition in La-Union (annual fest) of Sangam University.
  • Organized fashion show on the theme of use of waste material.
  • Students participated in dance competition held in Jaipur College.


  • Stands 1st position in inter-university dance competition in Feb. 2015.

Literary Club

The Literary Club has been started to encourage our students to develop a taste for literature and also work towards improving their spoken as well as written Language. Literary Club gives a platform to the students to exhibit & verbalize their imagination, originality and talents through a number of literary activities and games.


  • To develop different perspectives of appreciation for literature in the students
  • To encourage the students’ skills for creative writing and expression.
  • To enhance their thought and speech through group discussions and interactive sessions
  • To inculcate within its members elite oratory skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills


Literary club conducted various activities throughout the year…
1. Poetry Presentation (Pen down the poem)
The students recited poems mostly their own, in Hindi and English both.  The meaning that a poem conveyed was expanded and discussed with the teachers. 
2. Talk Show
Relevant topics were taken up for this session.  Talk show helped the students bond with each other share their ideas and voice out their opinions. 
 3.  Debate
Topics based on ‘Effect of western culture on youth’ and ‘Is Internet kill the creativity of person’ stormed the debate sessions where opposing ideas clashed in the arena, presenting a productive war with words and vision. 
 4. Extempore
It was an on-the-spot event. Impromptu topics were given in which students showcased the confidence and the capacity to articulate, think. It is a great platform to improve logical thinking and reasoning ability in a learner. It is an excellent training exercise to conceive and generate ideas without any preparation.
5. Face the Press
Event began with the topic presentation which was followed by question answer session. Topics were given then and there based on the media issues. The students participated actively in the session as reporters and posed their questions. This was an interesting and productive session that helped students to work on their logical thinking and understanding ability.
6. Magazine (EQ- Education Quotient)
The Literary Club prepared a magazine (EQ- Education Quotient), under the editorship of the club students.  The magazine brought out the diverse and versatile literary talents of the members through stories, poems, riddles, articles, pictures etc.

About Dramatics Club

The primary aim of the dramatic club is to groom and give the students a platform to showcase their talents and to build up their confidence and to foster healthy competition among students. This club encourages dramatic presentations by students in the form of skits, mime, plays etc.  The club explores the possibilities for interdisciplinary linkage between different forms of performing arts.

This  club is home to all the theatre lovers and nukkad enthusiasts. A plethora of talented individuals join every year to take forward SU legacy in dramatics. They are enactors of tale and portrayers of the emotions.

The dramatics club aims to:

  • Develop the students’ talents and skills in the areas of acting, dancing, singing and interpreting dances;
  • Develop the skills of creativity in displaying and interpreting ones talent in dancing, singing and acting


Traffic Awareness program

Acknowledging driving as a huge responsibility, the University’s Dramatics club enacted  a Nukkad natika  to encourage their fellow youth to understand and assume their responsibilities as an Indian citizen. This was followed by a quiz contest by our revered guest Mr.Prakash Bhatti, Traffic incharge, Bhilwara . As a result, students started wearing helmets and following the traffic lights.


Inter college drama competition on social issues in LA-UNION 2015
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub

Fine Arts Club:

The goal of the fine arts club is to provide an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way. This will allow students to learn from one another and share their experiences in different aspects of art, which will bring an active awareness and appreciation of the fine arts on campus and in the community. The activities carried out under this club:

  • 2D-Art: It is a two-dimensional art form used in paintings, drawings, prints & photographs. It includes following activities –
    • Creative Sketching, such as outdoor sketching, live sketching etc.
    • Mix media painting
  • 3D-Art: Three-dimensional art is the art of producing representations of natural or imagined forms in 3D. It includes following activities –
    • Clay modelling
    • Terracotta plate
    • Sculptures

Social and Green club

Aim The aim being to inculcate social welfare thoughts in students who are the future of our nation and carry out actions reflecting the same without any prejudice.Thus there stands the scheme in the campus, to carry out actions reflecting the same with students under various disciplines like Educational Outreach, Green campus and Events working rigorously for literacy drives, environmental conservation and sustainability.This club works with the goal to work for the betterment of society and instill the spirit of social service amongst the students.


  • JOY OF GIVING Activity:[Samarpan Bank]

Help the needy people by organizing old clothes collection and distribution drives

  • To maintain cleanliness and greenery in the campus.
  • To save lives by conducting Blood Donation Camps.
  • To propagate Social Awareness:

Campaign for creating awareness regarding Safety Measures and Traffic Rules

Save Electricity Campaign

SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub

The ever popular sports club is a platform for students to channelize their high energy levels towards maintaining their physical fitness. Students make the most of the courts and fields provided by the university. Various intra-college competitions have been held on the volley ball, basket ball and tennis courts in the past few months. Student have also had their share of fun on the cricket filed and playing indoor games like chess and table tennis .our residents have also appreciated the provision of our recent on campus gymnasium .

Month Tournament Regular activities Boys Girls Ground maintenance
August Nil Gym, T.T, Chess, Carom All T.T, Chess, Carom  
September Badminton Intra House Competition Basket-Ball, Badminton, T.T, Chess, Carom All All Making of Volley -Ball Court
October T.T. and Chess Intra House  Competition Volley- Ball, Basket -Ball, T.T, Chess, Kabaddi All Basket -Ball, T.T, Chess,  
November Kabaddi  Inter -Class Competition Athletics, Volley- Ball, Basket- Ball, T.T, Chess, Kabaddi All Athletics, Basket- Ball, T.T, Chess Making Kabaddi Ground
December Volley- Ball and Basket- Ball inter -Class  Competition Athletics, Volley- Ball, Basket- Ball, Kabaddi All Athletics, Basket- Ball, T.T, Chess  
January Inter University Tournament La-Union-2015
Volley- Ball, Basket- Ball, Kabaddi, T.T, Chess, Athletics-100,200,400Mt Race, Long -Jump, Shot-Put, Javelin-throw
All  Basket- Ball, T.T, Chess Athletics-100,200,400Mt Race, Long Jump, Shot-Put, Javelin-throw Making and marking of all play fields.
February Intra- mural Cricket Tournament Basket-Ball, Volley-Ball, Cricket All Badminton, Basket-Ball  
March Nil Basket-Ball ,Volley Ball, Cricket All Basket-Ball  

SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub
SangamUniversity-StudentClub SangamUniversity-StudentClub

On the occasion of world Photography day, Photography Club is going to organize a “Selfie Competition” for Sangam University students on 19 August 2016

  • Click a Group Selfie with students, faculty etc.
  • Students can use only Sangam University Campus for Selfie click.
  • Personal Camera, Mobile, Selfie Stick etc can be used.
  • Students can click a selfie on free time, lunch time only.
  • Selfie can be edited with any software and must contain short message or tag line.
  • Final Selfie with a short message will be emailed to contest@sangamuniversity.ac.in
  • Result will be declared second day.

Student coordinator:-

1. J.S.Kinot BCA 3rd Year-9529945195

Kamal Kodwani BBA 2nd year-9468539350