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Student/Staff Grievance Redressal Committee

Student/Staff Grievance Redressal Committee:

Convener-Dr. Dheeraj Jain, Associate Prof.

Member- Dr. Archana Agarwal, Associate Prof.

Member- Mr. Rishi Bhatnagar, Deputy Registrar

Member- Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, ADPE

Scope of Students’ Grievances:

  • Organisation and development of students’ bodies;
  • Counseling and students’ guidance facilities;
  • Promotion of students’ participation in co-curricular and social activities;
  • Financial aid to students;
  • Students- Teacher and Student-Administration relationship;
  • Career advice services;
  • Health and Medical Services for the students;
  • Residential life of the students;
  • Arranging facilities for the students’ Educational Tours and Excursion, other than those prescribed as part of curriculum;
  • Securing facilities for students for further studies in the country and/or abroad,12. and career advancement;
  • Any other problems of the students relating to the University.


How the student should lodge the complaint?

A student or a group of students who have grievance, should first approach the program coordinators. Incase the student is dissatisfied with the coordinator’s handling of the situation or the action taken, then the matter can be further taken up with the Dy./ Dean of Faculties for academic issues, Proctor for issues related to students cultural or sports activities, Registrar for all other administrative matters. Incase of matters related to the hostels, the student must first discuss the matter with the hostel warden and later with Chief warden/ Registrar incase of the absence of the Chief Warden. It is expected in most cases, the grievance is resolved to the satisfaction of the students. Grievances should be submitted to the appropriate within a reasonable time, preferably within a week at each level of receiving a written complaint.

If the grievance cannot be resolved at the level of Heads of Departments, the student/students may approach the Standing Committee for Redressal of Grievance for the redressal of grievance. The matter should have tried to be resolved as speedily as possible but in no case later than 4 weeks from the date the complaint is lodged in writing to the Committee.

Constitution of the Committee:

The committee will be a three member committee that shall be nominated for the period of two years by the President, at least one of the members of committee should be a woman faculty member and as far as possible, all members should be faculty residing on campus. As per guidelines, the committee follow relevant enquiries on basis of their recommendation to the President.

While dealing with the complaint, the committee at all levels would observe law of natural justice and hear the complainant and concerned people.

While passing an order on any Grievance at any level, the relevant provisions of Act/Regulations would be kept in mind and no such order would be passed in contradiction of the same. The decision of the President shall be final and binding.


All the Issues within the University community should be resolved through discussions and negotiations and through the Grievance Redressal Mechanism and that the use of violence, intimidation and coercive methods such as gheraos and dharnas or any other activity which disrupts the normal academic or administrative functioning of the University inside the University buildings, and locking out of the University buildings shall not be resorted to.AII members of the University community have the right to privacy and that residential area of the teachers and staff shall in no case be used as venues of protests and agitations.

For More Detail visit:- UGC Grievance Regulations / Notifications