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  • Due date and mode of payment: The students shall deposit fees as prescribed by the University from time to time on or before the date fixed by the University. The fee prescribed per annum can be paid in two equal installments in each semester, before the beginning of each semester. The University reserves the right to revise the fee and payment structure as per directions of the Fee Committee.
  • Delay or default in payment:
    • If a student does not pay fee on time, a fine shall be prescribed by the university from time to time for the delay on the total fee payable from the due date.
    • Relaxation of fine shall be considered on merits only and due approval of the President.
    • Names of the defaulters, which shall be put up on the Notice Board, shall be removed from the rolls of the University with effect from the date fixed by the University.
    • A student whose name has been struck off from rolls of the University may be readmitted on the recommendations of the Program Coordinator concerned and on payment of arrears of fees in full and other dues, together with a re-admission fee as fixed by the University. However, such re-admission shall be within the same semester and subject to the student fulfilling the minimum attendance criteria.
    • Whenever a student proposes to withdraw from the University, he/she shall submit an application to the Program Coordinator concerned intimating the date of his/her withdrawal. If he/she fails to do so, his/her name shall continue to be kept on the rolls of the University for a maximum period as fixed by the University. He/She shall also be required to pay all fees/charges that may fall due during his/her period.
  • Concession in fee:
    • The University shall award Scholarships to the students as per the guidelines issued by the the Executive Council from time to time.
    • Fees concession for SC/ST/Kashmiri migrant students and any other category as per Govt. of India directives shall be applicable.
  • Refund of fees, Caution deposit etc.: The fee, caution deposit etc. will be refunded as per the rules of the University from time to time.
  • The fees for the various Courses/Programmes, as decided by the University from time to time, shall be payable by the students.
  • Students shall not be issued Hall Tickets or allowed to appear at the Examinations unless they have cleared their dues and paid the examination fee.
  • Fees for issuing transfer, provisional and other certificates and for duplicate copies thereof shall be as prescribed by the University from time to time.
  • Duplicate copies of Statement of Marks shall be supplied on payment of a fee as fixed by the University for each Statement of marks.
  • Caution Deposit of any nature will be refunded to the student either on completion of the course or departure from the college voluntarily. Refund of caution deposit will be subject to the following terms:
    • Student shouldn’t have any outstanding fee obligations to the University.
    • There shouldn’t be any liabilities against the student from any of the Departments viz. Library, Stores, Sports, Administration, Finance, etc
    • In case of outstanding fee obligations/liabilities against the student, the caution Deposit amount will first be adjusted to settle all the pending liabilities. The amount remaining after settlement of these liabilities will be eligible for refund.
    • No Due Certificate’ in the prescribed format must be obtained. This will need to be validated by the Registrar.


  • Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Request for cancellation of admission and refund of fees may be considered as per the following norms. Such requests should be submitted along with original allotment order and the fee receipt to the Admission Coordinator.
    • Request received before the date of commencement of classes - Rs.1,000/- will be deducted towards administrative charges and balance amount will be refunded.
    • Request received on or after the commencement of classes –
      • if the seat falling vacant is filled by another candidate by the last date of admission, proportionate deduction of fee will be applicable
      • No refund – in other cases.