FAQ's for Sangam University

What is the Unique point of this program?

year graduate program covering physics, chemistry, and mathematics with an interdisciplinary approach to humanities, computer, and Electronics.

What are the scope of this program?

B.Sc in Mathematics can find various jobs in both public and private sector organizations.

What are the various options available for higher studies after B.Sc.?

There various options available for B.Sc Mathematics graduate to pursue their higher studies are M.Sc, MCA, MBA

Other Certification Courses after B.Sc Mathematics

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Company Secretary ship (CS)

Can I go in Computer sector after doing this program?

YES, One can definitely choose to go in Computer sector as there are many courses like in this B.Sc program that can enable a student to go in Computer sector also.

Is there any course that can help me to fight competition examination?

YES, There are courses like Indian history and Culture, Social  sciences, Computational techniques Technical report writing etc.  that can help someone to prepare in a better way to clear the competition examination after B.Sc program.

Is there any program that I can join after completing B.Sc in your University?

YES, one can join M.Sc Chemistry, M.B.A., MCA and M.Sc Geoinformatics after completing B.Sc program in our University.


What is the girls ratio in previous admission in B.Sc program?

The ratio of girl candidates in previous batches is around 50%.


Is University provide any opportunities to visit industries as a learning process?

YES, In each of the semester there is a provision to visit atleast one industry as a part of the learning process.


What scholarships are available?

Scholarship Schemes on the basis of  merit,  sports, 12 class %, special scholarship for girls and  Govt. Scholarship for minority, SC, ST, OBC etc.



In which year M.Sc Chemistry program started in the University?

From the year 2012 M.Sc Chemistry program is running in the University.

In which fields the pass out students of M.Sc Chemistry are working?

The pass out of students of previous batches are working in Pharmaceutical research laboratory, Soil testing laboratory, water testing laboratory, food processing units, and Cement Industries.

Is M.Sc Chemistry program helpful for jobs in the industry?

One of the course in the program is particularly focused on Industrial aspects of the Chemistry, that will help to understand the chemical process involved in the various industries.

What are the specializations offered in M.Sc. Chemistry?

Specialization is offered in Organic Chemistry.

Will the M.Sc. Chemistry/B.Sc. program guarantee me a job after graduation?

Campus interviews are conducted by a wide gamut of Companies which ensures that students get placed successfully. University’s Corporate Resource Centre functions dedicatedly to develop a wide network of recruiting partners.

What are the learning processes in these programmes?

The teaching methodology has been benchmarked with global practices. Multiple teaching methods such as classroom lectures, assignments, Industrial visits, laboratory practices & workshops form the core of the learning process.

What are the learning outcomes of these programmes?

The curriculum provides a judicious mix of academics and real-life industry experience in grooming the students to be successful in their professional and academic career. The programme structure blends such conceptual and practical skills in developing competencies in their career. The focus is on:

Laboratory Practices

Guidance for NET/SLET/Other competitive examinations

Spectroscopic Analysis

Research oriented learning

Is University provide any opportunities to visit industries as a learning process?

YES, In each of the semester there is a provision to visit atleast one industry as a part of the learning process.

Guidance for NET/SLET/Other competitive examinations

Spectroscopic Analysis

Research oriented learning

Is there any program that I can join after completing M.Sc Chemistry in your University?

YES, one can join Ph.D. program in Chemistry after completing M.Sc  program in our University.ET/Other competitive examinations

Spectroscopic Analysis

Research oriented learning

Why our teaching is different from others?

We may proudly say that, we have seven (07) following principles on teaching:

1. Effective teaching involves acquiring relevant knowledge about students and using that knowledge to inform our course design and classroom teaching.

2. Effective teaching involves aligning the three major components of instruction: learning objectives, assessments, and instructional activities.

3. Effective teaching involves articulating explicit expectations regarding learning objectives and policies.

4. Effective teaching involves prioritizing the knowledge and skills we choose to focus on.

5. Effective teaching involves recognizing and overcoming our expert blind spots.

6. Effective teaching involves adopting appropriate teaching roles to support our learning goals.

7. Teaching involves progressively refining our courses based on reflection and feedback.

Why choose Computer Science?

  • Computing is part of everything we do.Computing and computer technology are part of the cars we drive, movies we watch, and how businesses and governments interact with us.
  • Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.Computing offers rewarding and challenging possibilities for a wide range of people, regardless of their interests.
  • Computing is making a positive difference in the world.Computing drives innovation in the sciences, engineering, and business: Like the human genome project, AIDS vaccine research, environmental monitoring and protection.
  • Computing offers many types of lucrative careers.Computing jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction.
  • Computing jobs are here to stay, regardless of where you are located.There actually are more computing jobs than qualified people to fill them in the United States.
  • Expertise in computing helps you even if your primary career choice is something else.Having a computing major will provide you with a foundation of knowledge, problem solving, and logical thinking that will serve as a competitive advantage to you in your career, in whatever field you choose.
  • Computing offers great opportunities for creativity and innovation.Creating high-quality computing solutions is a highly creative activity, and computing supports creative work in many other fields. The best solutions in computing exhibit high levels of elegance and beauty.
  • Computing has space for both collaborative work and individual effort.Computing is often about being part of a team that requires people with many different kinds of skills. Yet there is also plenty of space for individual flair and imagination.
  • Computing is an essential part of well-rounded academic preparation.An increasing number of universities and employers see successful completion of a computer science course as a sign of academic well-roundedness.
  • Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.Computing is one of those fields where it is almost impossible to predict what will happen next. We cannot even begin to imagine all the ways that you can make a contribution to it and how it can make your life’s work exciting and real.

Why should I study Computer Science?

For almost all choice jobs of the future – whether in engineering, natural or social sciences, economics, finance or government, one has to be familiar with the essential fundamentals of computing to understand and leverage technology in the search for scientific breakthroughs, the development of new products and services, or the way work is done in a technologically-driven society. A Computer Science degree involves well developed communication, leadership and management skills coupled with creative technical savvy. The current director of CRA (Computing Research Association – says, “Computing has become the third pillar of science, along with theory and experiment”.

What kind of a student succeeds as a Computer Science major?

Most successful Computer Science students have demonstrated the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Specifically, the MORPH traits include:

(i) Mature: Clarity of thought (long-term focused career vision).

(ii) Organized: Able to manage time and balance personal work habits.

(iii) Responsible: Ability to take lead and handle responsibility.

(iv) Persistence: Ability to be tenacious and deliberative in problem solving.

(v) Helpful: Team-oriented, societal-issues consciousness and supportive of diverse needs and reach of the discipline.

For example, many good students in our upper-level classes have not been the ones that could finish their assignments in lower level classes on their first attempts, but ones that both made, and learned from, their mistakes through dogged persistence and sheer hard work. One key attribute that most of our successful majors have is the ability to think logically (or in Computer Science parlance, algorithmically). This means developing the ability to break down a problem into a series of small steps each of which can be solved through a logical sequence of actions.

Can I Work from Home with a Computer Science Degree?

A variety of advantages exist for workers who choose to work from home, and a computer science degree is one area of study that may lead to opportunities to work in a home office. For those who choose to work in a home office there are some challenges; however, many workers feel the lifestyle allows much freedom. Students decide to work at home for a variety of reasons, but life events like childcare, disability, and lengthy commutes often influence the decision to search for a job that may be performed in the home.

How Do I Become a Computer Consultant?

As a lucrative option for those interested in computer science, a computer consultant is a job that allows the worker to operate as an independent contractor, as well as have scheduling freedom to work when needed. Becoming a consultant in the area of computers requires standard training through college, as well as some ancillary training in areas like business. Anyone interested in a non-traditional role in the computer industry will want to think about a consulting job.

How Do I Get a Job as an App Developer?

With the rise of mobile phones and tablet devices has come the rise and increasing importance of the app developer. Though it’s fair to say that such a developer could work on creating applications for dekstop computers, the title is almost always given to those who work exclusively on mobile applications that enrich the functionality of a smartphone or tablet. As such, this position is relatively new and the requirements for becoming a developer in this area are still evolving. With that said, there are a few general guidelines for aspiring mobile developers to follow in order to land a job in this field and take advantage of its explosive growth.

How important is an Internship to Launch a Career in Computer Science?

If you’re interested in being a programmer or researcher, you probably want to know how important a computer science internship is when beginning your career. An internship can be valuable, but it can also be a waste of time, depending on the company that hires you as an intern. In general, an internship is not necessary for getting a job as a programmer, but it can be very helpful when starting a career in research. Graduate students should apply for internships doing interesting research because it will give them real work experience. Many of these positions can be tedious for interns, but you don’t always have much of a choice. The researchers who have already earned their degrees get to do the interesting part of the work, and the students take care of the less glamorous, laborious part. There are always positions open at universities, so you can apply for the ones you find interesting around the summer and winter breaks.

Is a Computer Science Degree Right for Me?

Students today are faced with plenty of great options for undergraduate and graduate programs, but one of the most popular is a computer science degree. This degree has long been a mainstay of those with an interest in technology and innate proficiency when it comes to mathematics, programming and how computers function in complex organizations. There’s just one problem, however: Many students aren’t entirely sure whether or not the degree is right for them. The good news is that this particular program appeals to a broad segment of today’s students, many of whom naturally come to campus with a solid background in computer use and even some introductory skills taught in early computer science classes. Those who are a best fit for the degree program will typically fall into a few key groups.

Is Computer Science a Growing Industry?

The computer science industry is projected to grow much faster than other industries over the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While some niches within the field are expected to grow more quickly than others, computer science is an excellent choice if you want a career with a solid future and high earnings. Read on to learn more about the outlook for specific careers within the computer science realm.

Is Continuing Education Necessary for an IT Professional?

Those who currently enjoy a career in information technology have worked hard to achieve their bachelor’s degree and other advanced education, but continuing education for IT roles presents even more challenges when it comes to learning about emerging technologies and newer best practices. That’s why almost all organizations require those in information technology to occasionally pursue at least several credits in ongoing education that focus on new technologies, database systems, platforms, security concerns, and much more. Rather than being thought of as a burden, however, these classes should instead be considered the best way to remain current in the field and provide the highest level of service and management to large organizations where IT is central to long-term viability.

What is Computational Intelligence?

It is the study of the design of “intelligent agents.” That may be confusing, and so the website goes on to define an agent as “ something that acts in an environment.” An intelligent agent is one that acts in a way that is appropriate for the circumstances to achieve a goal. The intelligent agent learns and adapts.

Another name associated with CI is artificial intelligence. The example of intelligent life generally cited is the human, but there is something more intelligent. Organizations contain the sum of skills that make them more intelligent than one individual. The same is true of ants. One ant is probably not very intelligent, but the colony is able to use its skills to find food and construct dwellings. CI devices work much the same way through experimentation with computer systems.

What is the Difference Between AI and CI?

The two terms are basically the same. The primary goal of each is to understand what makes intelligence possible. That study covers intelligence in nature and in artificial systems. Instead of the term “artificial,” many scientists prefer synthetic. The reason is in the inferences made from the terms. “Artificial” denotes something that is not real. “Synthetic” means something that is synthesized but still real in the way that a synthetic pearl is still a pearl, although it is not natural. These agents are synthesized to investigate hypotheses. The primary question is whether reasoning is based on algorithms. Scientists postulate ideas that engineers use to create “artifacts” such as computers that are able to perform many tasks that we generally view as intelligent.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the scientific discipline that explores how to predict future events based on documented past events. In order to develop learning machines and software programs, the meaning of learning and what determines success or failure must first be defined.

What is the Employment Outlook for Computer Science Careers?

In a world that has become increasingly computer-dependent, the employment outlook for computer science majors should continue to be a bright spot in the jobs sector. This field is expanding as innovations in technology create new opportunities across different industries. Each time a process is changed because of advances in technology, the employee pool is required to learn the new skill set to remain relevant in the workplace. As it stands, jobs that require specialized skills are difficult to fill.

What Jobs Are Available to Computer Science Graduates?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science qualifies you for a variety of well-paid and challenging careers in this field. Read on to learn more about some of the hottest job opportunities for computer scientists.

Does thinking involve Self Awareness?

A computer has a bank of knowledge. It knows things, but does it know that it knows? An article in “The” compares the computer to a thermostat. The device senses, or takes in data, that tells it the heat in a room does not match the pre-programmed figure on its dial. It responds by analyzing the data and adjusting the heating or cooling to bring the room to the accepted level. It “knows” that the temperatures must be synced, but does it “know that it knows,” and does it know it is a thermostat? Humans rely on their instincts and upon past experience to decide upon a course of action. The Keyboard article gives the example of a simple mathematics problem: if we add two consecutive whole numbers and divide the answer by two, the result will never be a whole number. Humans, by experience, will know that is true. They remember and relate their experiences. The machine, however, will try every conceivable combination of numbers, to infinity, and never arrive at the answer because it is programmed to give the precise answer.

What are the difference between Brains and Computers?

The human brain is a highly complex unit. It doubles and folds back upon it-self to provide room for the neurons that process all the data that we absorb daily. There are a million, million neurons in the adult human brain, each with a thousand connections. The neurons process data in a parallel method, making it possible to analyze and make decisions quickly. To replicate that complexity, computers would have to have 8 million Gigabytes of RAM. Humans are able to take in complex data like color, movement, sound and size and process them simultaneously to arrive at identification or to make a response. The computer processes each area individually, assimilates the data to identify the subject, and then must still rely on pre-programmed data to respond. At the current rate of technological advancement, computers should have eight million Gigabytes by 2029, so can we assume that they will be able to “think” at that point?

Will Computers Ever Be Able to Think on Their Own?

Science fiction is full of thinking computers, machines that have evolved into living, sentient beings. While the idea is entertaining, many consider the research and experiments upon which it is based to be unsettling at the least. Humans are alive; machines are not. Still, there are those who believe artificially intelligent, self-aware computers will exist by the year 2059. All that is needed is to pattern the human brain.

Why should I take admission in Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineering is core field of engineering so it is always evergreen in terms of scope & job. It deals with the study and application of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy. And we also know that electricity is required in everything from household to industry, plant, communication, satellite navigation, computers and electronics equipment. So its scope will never fed even many years from now.

What is the eligibility of this course?

The eligibility of Diploma,B.Tech,, P.hd and Certificate Course is attached.

What is cost of course?

The course of this cost is attached in broucher.

How old is this department?

This is a 13 years old department. So we have strong alumni base.

Are any scholarship is provided?

Yes, so many scholarships are available for students as per central and state govt. besides this our university also provides scholarship for poor students under the banner of Badrilal Soni CheritableTrust.

Can I do this program on a part-time basis, or during evenings and weekends?

No, this program is full time program.

Should I take admission in Electrical Engineering for direct 2nd year after passing diploma?

Yes of course you can take admission in B.E through lateral entry. After passing diploma it will be very beneficial for you.

Is the department laboratory is well equipped?

Because of 13 year old department we have all kind of laboratory with modern equipments.


After becoming Electrical Engineering what are my job area and job profile?

  • After becoming electrical engineer you can get a job in Production/ Quality /Maintenance / Electrical Engineer in Panel designing, Textile, Cement, Mining, Automation area, power plant sectors.
  • Your job profile as an electrical engineer will be to control the machineries, to design and develop more efficient machineries, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, Guide and organize manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation and testing to assure conformation with specifications, codes and customer requisites.


Is there any internship for students?

Yes, there is a provision for internship for different courses.

For – 6 month internship

For Diploma – 45 days internship

And in 60 % cases student got placed in same company during doing their internship and remaining got placed through job fair.


Do you have any on-line or distance-learning program?

No, we do not have any kind of on line or distance learning program.


What are the qualifications of the faculty in the department?

  • The faculty of department is well qualified and experienced. All have a more than 5 years of experience.
  • We have PhD-40%, PhD Pursuing-40%, PG-20%

Can I visit the Department of Electrical Engineering?

Yes, you can visit anytime our department on working days.

Do you have any licensed software in Electrical Department?

Yes, we have licensed software of MATLAB, ETAP, PSCAD, Electrical Machine designs etc.

What is the placement record of Electrical department?

There are so many placements are done in electrical department. Recently our students are placed in VIVO mobiles, Global network devices, Arcgate, Sangam Spinners, Metal powder pvt. Ltd, indoor, etc.

Besides this many students are placed in govt. organizations.

What is minimum attendance?

75% attendance is compulsory for every student for appearing in the end semester examination.

What are the achievements of electrical engineering department?

The achievements of department are attached.

What are the projects made by students in your department?

  • Yes, there are so many projects made by students in this year like
  • Hydro power plant
  • Biogas power plant
  • Bird replete
  • Fly wheel energy generator
  • LED display of Sangam University
  • Chord combination lock etc. they all are placed in project lab.

How you groom your students for interview/personally in your department?

Grooming of student is done by mentoring classes, personality development classes and we also invite corporate trainer on regular interval for grooming of student.

What is mentoring classes?

In mentoring classes, we listen to the problems and we interact on one-to-one basis and help the students to understand your dream and achieve the goal.

Is there any uniform for students?

Yes, there is different uniform for different courses.

Is there any provision for industrial visit?

Yes, minimum 2 industry visits are scheduled in each semester.

Why Mechanical?

  • There are many answers to this question, but the most common is that mechanical engineering is the most general form of engineering that you can do, so upon graduating, your choice of career is virtually unlimited.
  • If you are intrigued by how things work, fascinated by robots and

Automobile engines, then mechanical engineering may be the profession for you. Since mechanical engineering is involved in almost

  • Every design imaginable, one finds mechanical engineers associated with almost any field of interested.

What are the job areas?

  • Automotive industry– designs, manufactures, distributes and markets motor vehicles
  • Marine engineering
  • Aerospace industry– researches, designs, manufactures, operates and maintains aircraft
  • Electronics industry– designs and manufactures components and complete equipment for sectors from automotive to medicine and the military
  • Rail industry– designs, constructs, manages and maintains rail system components from trains and tracks to electrical power systems and train control systems
  • Fast moving consumer goods industry – manufactures products such as household cleaning items, personal hygiene goods and convenience foods
  • Defence industry – provides equipment, support and services for the armed forces and national security

What precisely would my job as a mechanical engineering graduate be?

In many roles you will remain as a mechanical engineering specialist, applying your skills and knowledge to those specific aspects of your employers’ technical operations that call for this skill set.

What are the Future Academic Prospects?

  • For diploma students
  • B.Tech
  • For B.Tech students
  • M.Tech, Master of Science from foreign university

What is the highest annual package in mechanical branch?

  • Deepak Jain of B.Tech IV year mechanical student has got the highest package of 3 Lakh annually with all allowances included  at Nitin spinner power plant Bhilwara
  • Shashank and Ravi shukla of diploma III Year mechanical student has got highest package of 2 Lakh with all allowances included at Zenus and Oswal industry group
  • 10 students are selected in Ashok Leland with package of 1.8 Lakh
  • 8 students are selected in Yazaki India LTD with package of 1.6 Lakh at Bhiwadi