Entrepreneurship club of Sangam University is organizing “Food Fiesta 2018”. The objective of the event is to provide practical exposure to selling skills, managing a small business, incurring profit, being responsible towards business, handling customers, establishment, and the passion for getting the things done.


  1. All participants have to carry a valid ID card of the institution.
  2. The equipment required for cooking has to be brought by the teams. The responsibility solely lies with them. Event coordinators will not be responsible for any kind of damage.
  3. Decoration of stall is the responsibility of the teams.
  4. Dustbins must be brought by the teams and they must ensure the cleanliness of their stalls.
  5. Stall will be allocated on random chit basis. Teams must be present by 2:00 PM for stall allocation. Further details will be shared before the date of event.
  6. All the participants have to abide by the rules of the events sincerely. Violation of rules and any kind of misconduct will to disqualification from the event.
  7. Last date of registration is 19th April, 2018


  1. Participants should be above 18 years of age and must be a bona fide student.
  2. Maximum number of participants in a team should be five.
  3. A team should submit a security amount of Rs. 300 which would be refundable after the end of the event.
  4. Food must be vegetarian.
  5. Selling/ Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or any intoxicant is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
  6. The rate of the food items should be in multiples of Rs. 10.
  7. Prizes will be decided on the basis of sales value.

Date: 21/04/2018 (Saturday)

Venue: Hot Pizza

For further query  please call Dr. Khushboo Sharma – 9001097343

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