Master of Social Works

Master of Social Works

Social work is where specilized and prepared experts work for the welfare of people, networks, families and groups. Social work empowers individuals and networks to manage challenges through upgrading prosperity and elevating models of society. It advances social change and enable individuals for social and financial improvement. Social workers are occupied with various exercises, for example, directing, determination of societal issues, relational issues, network improvement, educating, helping the physically or simple-minded and sociopolitical research. Each movement in social work goes for giving administrations to people, families, gatherings, networks and associations.

Students pursuing MSW as course work are prepared to enable individuals to adapt to and defeat issues in their lives. They are set up for social work positions in neighborhood, state, or national government, and in addition non-benefit and private associations. A masters degree is frequently required for supervisory positions inside these associations and is required to give treatment, as indicated by the National Association of Social Workers. Competitors can select specialization in Masters of Social Work like social work, HRM, criminology, restorative organization, family and kid welfare, provincial and urban network improvement and so on.

Social workers regularly give guiding inside a clinical strength or to a particular network and comprehending social issues effortlessly and effortlessness. Social specialists may likewise function as directors, scientists, policymakers, and organizers. Chairmen may administer the day by day exercises of their associations and take an interest in basic leadership forms, while analysts work to propel the social work field through logical investigations. Policymakers and strategy advocates work specifically with the nearby and national government to set up freely supported projects that address youngster mishandle, neediness, vagrancy, savagery, psychological wellness, and different issues. Organizers may work to arrange different occasions and efforts for their associations.

Course Outline & Curriculum

MSW students by and large enter this field not for the cash, but rather in light of the fact that they want to encourage individuals. A MSW degree program commonly takes two years to finish, however quickened and low maintenance programs are likewise accessible. Understudies pick up a foundation in social hypothesis, notwithstanding considering open strategy, social projects, and hierarchical structures. Most projects likewise draw in understudies in clinical practice and research hands on work, enabling them to gain encounter giving social administrations and fundamentally looking at a specific social issue or issue. Subsequent to seeking after a Master degree in social work, one can apply for occupations in different fields. The openings for work are constantly high in the therapeutic field. MSW pass outs with specialization in the medicinal field can work in healing centers, nursing homes and restoration focuses.

MSW graduates can work in substance mishandle regions like restoration focuses, detainment facilities, private practices, and for non-benefit associations. Social work graduates help in the treatment and restoration of individuals dependent on drugs and other negative feelings like outrage and emotional episodes. An ace degree isn’t required in every aspect of social work yet psychological wellness is a field which requires a Master degree with specialization in emotional well-being. One can work in network well being focuses, mental clinics, schools and magnanimous trusts for emotional well-being.

MSW holders can likewise work for youngster welfare associations where they can serve the kids who are disregarded by guardians or kids from low-pay families. Another territory where social laborers can discover employments is Social school work. This is a standout amongst the most well-known regions of social work. MSW graduate can function as an advisor and offer direction to understudies and address their issues, for example, social projects, sexual training, well being instruction, truancy counteractive action programs, emergency intercession and correspondence between educators, guardians and understudies.

Jobs for freshers after MSW

Fresher students can apply for an assortment of employments in the field of social work. The greater part of the administration occupations for social work don’t require involvement. So the MSW freshers can apply for government occupations and for employments in Non-government associations (NGO’s). Some corporate area organizations and enterprises likewise offer occupations to fresher hopefuls.

Salary of Social Workers

The salaries and perks for social workers depend majorly on the qualification and work experience of the candidates. Fresher candidates can easily get a starting salary of Rs.10000/- to Rs.20,000/- in government and non-government sector.The international NGOs and organizations like UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO pays higher salaries and perks to their social workers. Salaries in the NGOs also depend on their financial resources and many international agencies pay well.

Scope of social work in India

Social workers graduates can fill in as heads, analysts, policymakers and organizers. Policymakers and arrangement advocates work with the state and focal government to set up freely supported projects to address the issues, for example, neediness, youngster mishandle, brutality, vagrancy, psychological well-being and different issues. Social laborers can likewise fill in as instructors inside a clinical forte or a particular network. They can likewise work for recovery focuses as guides for tending to the medication addicts. Social laborers having a Master degree can likewise apply for showing employments in schools and colleges. Ace degree holders can likewise apply for managerial and supervisory positions in government offices and corporate houses.

Bachelors Degree in any discipline from any recognized University with a minimum of 50% Aggregate Marks.

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CoursesTuition Fee per SemesterCaution Money (Refundable)Development FeeExamination FeeActivity Fee
MBARs. 32000Rs. 5000Rs. 8000Rs. 2000Rs. 1000
MSWRs. 12000Rs. 5000Rs. 8000Rs, 2000Rs. 1000