We aim to serve the community as a non-profit and self-sustained institution that will provide an educational platform to the aspiring individuals and strive to create and improve upon the career opportunities for them. We hope to be playing a lead role as one of the best universities in India in the next decade.


We are committed to providing an educational environmental that is competitive, current and in tune with the needs of the global markets thus creating opportunities in employment sector within the state and the country as a whole.


  • To provide high-quality education, aiming to become one of the top University in the country. It will not only serve the educational needs of the community but also acts as an incubator of talent and business that will eventually lead to the creation of new companies and jobs.
  • To provide a platform for students at an Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Research / Ph.D. level to increase their knowledge and skill sets in the fields of Engineering, Sciences, Business Studies, and Arts.
  • To be a partner with industries and other leading educational institutions (National & International) to create a curriculum that provides students with unique learning opportunities that are up-to-date and prepare students to be immediately employable. We aim to provide an edge over other universities by closely associating with industries to provide a course that is up-to-date with the market demands.
  • To provide an opportunity to deserving individuals regardless of class, creed, sex, age or religion through our scholarship policies.
  • To continuously develop and improve our standards of teaching by arranging for various faculty development programs and support faculty research programs.
  • To attract members on the board who are well respected in their fields and who have an active interest in participating in the development of the University.